Our team and our partners will help you develop your software in the best way.

Agile Software Development Strategy

Agile, Scrum, Git, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery can help to build and deliver quality software in a reliable way. We will cover a set of principles and techniques that allow you to have control over the release process and its automation while keeping an eye on efficiency, costs and risks.

AI Strategy

Our team and our experts will help you to find out the opportunities laid down by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and to identify the right way to introduce this technology in your business.

Community Building

With the Community Building service you will be accompanied in the development of an international community of developers that will allow your Open Source project to grow by collecting the contribution of various experts.

Customer Needs Exploration

This 2-day workshop will lay the foundation for your customer-centric product or service development. On day one we will interview customers to get insights into their needs and motivations when using your product or service. Day two serves to synthesize all the insights you have gotten from potential users in order to identify what features customers really need, value and pay for. All insights are synthesized in a customer needs canvas, which is your perfect starting kit into a customer-centric, and thus sustainable, innovation process.

Data Strategy

The expertise grown by our team with the project Open Data Hub ( will guide you through the best techniques and the economics behind the process to open your own data pool. And if you are interested to enrich your applications using new datasets we will explain you the opportunities to access the vast amount of data available.

Feature Matrix

Have you always wanted to know which functions characterize your application and which competitive products offer more than your product? Then this is the right service for you. We compare your application with competing products on the market and create a feature matrix for you that summarizes everything important and illustrates it in a simple way.

IoT Strategy

After an introduction to IoT at the Free Software Lab we’ll discuss your needs and identify the best suited technologies for you and your needs. The typical agenda of the workshop will be: introduction to IoT-oriented connectivity technologies based on the customer needs, brainstorming section together with the customer, identification of possible IoT solutions that are fitting the needs of the customer.

Open Source Compliance policy & strategy

This service will help you implement a FLOSS management workflow and a toolchain for your project. Activities will include definition of a Open Source policy, training, setup of a compliance toolchain and generation of the first BOM (Bill of Material).

Prototype/MVP Development

Create a prototype in a short time and at low cost to understand the potential of your idea: through a network of experts, the Free Software Lab helps you to develop a prototype with innovative technologies that makes your idea more concrete and valuable.

Usability Testing

The usability test is an evaluation service of web interfaces or applications, performed through specific analysis techniques aimed at understanding if users will perceive the interaction as effective and satisfying in a given context of use. The tests will be performed by internal experts.

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